MSD 82613 HVC II Ignition Coil


The MSD  82613 HVC 2 Coil has all the firepower you need for most racing single coil applications. The Coil utilizes an iron U-Core design with a segmented bobbin for improved voltage distribution. The bobbin is molded from Dupont Rynite FR946 material which has incredible dielectric capabilities at high temperatures. MSD also incorporated a cutting edge winding material that has an improved insulation and is also capable of enduring extreme voltages. Together, these materials create a durable coil with incredible voltage capabilities, lightning quick rise time and lengthy spark duration.

  • Available in black or red color
  • Designed for racing applications with an MSD 7 or 8 Series Ignition Control
  • U-Core winding design produces more voltage and current
  • 70:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistant compound for vibration resistance
  • Tough, rigid housing with isolated tower and brass primary terminals
  • Supplied with mounting hardware and rubber shock mounts
SKU: MSD 82613 / 8261


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