Skyview Race Cars

Skyview Race Cars was started by Josh Gray in 2012 after building his first X275 car – well actually a C10 Chevy truck which had a tendency to wheelie quite often, hence the name “SKYVIEW”.  That truck quickly became a crowd favorite at local small tire races. Powered by a Nitrous equipped 572 ci Big Block Chevy on Ethanol, it got a lot of attention due to how fast it was even though it was heavy compared to other cars in the class. That ol’ truck captured two runner up finishes and won the Radial Revenge race at Tulsa while Josh had it.

Back then, he couldn’t afford to pay people to build and tune his truck, so he learned how to do it himself. From chassis fabrication, rear end, engine building, wiring and more Josh learned to do it all. It wasn’t long before others started asking him to help with their projects, and Skyview Race Cars was born.

The old Blue C10 was sold, and that money went into the new business which has flourished due to Josh and his teams hard work, dedication, determination and drive.

Skyview Race Cars now employees 3 people and can handle all aspects of Race Car Development including Chassis, Wiring, Setup and Tuning. We also build our own line of parts such as C10 front suspensions, 1st Gen Camaro/3rd Gen Nova front subframes, Roll Cage Kits and more.